Welcome Address

Naohiko Tachi
31th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Adolescent Psychiatry.
2nd Regional Meeting of International Society for Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology.
President of Congress: Naohiko Tachi
(Tachi Mental Clinic / Graduate school of human life science,
Osaka city university)

We are honored to announce that the 31st annual meeting of Japan Society for Adolescent Psychiatry (JSAP) and 2nd Asia Regional meeting of International Society for Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology (ISAPP) would be held from 29th June to 1st July, 2018 at Osaka, Japan.

JSAP has been hold an interdisciplinary meeting open to experts who are practicing and interested in adolescent mental health and related areas. JSAP has also been playing its role in close cooperation with ISAPP, but this is the first occasion for JSAP to host the international meeting. We hope this meeting would be the best opportunity for specialists of adolescent psychiatry and psychology all over the world to join and exchange each views and opinions.

The main theme of the congress is, “Meeting Adolescents in an Ever Changing World.” We choose this theme because our way of thinking, living, and relationships has dramatically changed following the changes of the world situation such as globalization, and this would naturally have influences onadolescent development. So, we think it is worth discussing normal and pathological development of personality in adolescence at the present moment. To facilitate this discussion, we invited Anthony Bateman for guest speaker, a prominent psychoanalyst, who is very famous on subjects of attachment, mentalization, and personality disorders. Many members of ISAPP delegates, including the chairperson Lois Flaherty, will participate the discussion.

And, as this is the first occasion of regional meeting to be held in East Asia, we think, it is a good opportunity to discuss psychiatric problems related to adolescent development characteristic in East Asia. For this purpose, we invited speakers from this district including South Korea and Taiwan.

We have already prepared four symposia. Those are: Why Adolescence, Why ISAPP; On the Psychopathology of Personality Disorders in Adolescence; On ‘Hikikomori (Social Withdrawal)’; Problems on Adolescence in East Asia. In addition to them, many lectures are also planned. The official language of this congress is English, but complete simultaneous translation between English and Japanese is performed at the main hall.

Osaka is the largest city in western Japan, located very near to Nara and Kyoto where had been the capital of ancient Japan. There are many sightseeing spots on the periphery of Osaka. Also, Osaka can bring you many enjoyments. For example, Osaka attracts many foreign tourists for its unique food culture recently.

We are looking forward to the participation of those who are interested in adolescent psychiatry, psychology and related subjects. You are cordially invited to attend the meeting.